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Hi, my name is Eileen Welsh and I have been breeding Somalis in the north east of England under my Feorag prefix for 14 years, with the help of my husband Barry.

How did I become such a devotee of the breed?  Well, I'd always liked the mountain lion look of the Abyssinian, so in 1985 when I decided to buy a cat (I was a dog person before you see), it was the Aby that I searched for and so I bought Pasht, a usual Aby.  At that time I was unaware of the existence of Somalis, which were such a new breed, they really didn't appear in any of the old cat books I had researched.  

Pasht turned me into a cat and an Aby lover and then I discovered Somalis some 3 years later when I looked at the December page of my Whiskas calendar and there were 3 beautiful Somalis sitting on a window sill.   Then on Christmas Eve of that same year BBC TV screened a programme called "Tiger on the Tiles" and there was a whole household of Somalis with one very attractive stud, strutting his stuff in the garden - Mycene Bucks Fizz was his name and the cats were owned by the late Muriel Harvey of the Sitah prefix.   That was when I decided that it was Somalis for me.  

So in February 1989, Merlin joined our family and what really won me over after that is their wonderful personalities.   They are quite a garrulous cat, chatting away all the time and one of their most endearing qualities is their gentle chirruping voices which accompany almost every activity.  They are a very intelligent breed, quick thinking, quick acting, quick to learn and they simply adore human companionship, always insisting on joining in everything the family are doing.   The term "wired up" has often been directed towards this breed and it is a very apt description since they are a cat always on the go.   Another delight is that they remain kittens all their life, never quite growing up - in fact they are the "Peter Pan" of the cat world, .   If you want a cat who will just sit and look pretty all day, do not buy a Somali.    On the other hand if you want a cat that is a pleasure to look at because of its beauty, but which is playful, naughty, mischievous and entertaining then buy a Somali and you will not be disappointed.

It was in early 1990 that my thoughts turned to breeding my own Somalis and that was when Sorcha joined our family.    I chose "Feorag" (pronounced Fyaw-rak) as my prefix, which is gaelic for squirrel, because Somalis remind me so much of squirrels, with their bushy tails, bright eyes and little ear tufts and tips.   Sorcha has been a wonderful foundation queen for me and she has produced some beautiful kittens, some of whom have gone on to have successful show careers, but most importantly she is a much-loved member of our family.

I  also bred Siamese and Orientals for a few years, but on a smaller scale, having only 1  breeding queen at one time.    I have never bred on a large scale, only having 2 (occasionally 3) breeding queens at any one time each of which will only have one litter each year.  

Sadly I no longer have Merlin, who I lost in 1997 (take the link from my Memories page or here Merlin to read his story), or Pasht, who I lost in 2002 (again take the link from my Memories page or here Pasht), but I now have 6 Somalis in the household, all descendants of Sorcha.   We have one "cuckoo in the nest" - Luna, my blue tortie point Siamese female, whom I also bred.    Don't forget to check them all out on my "Our Cats" page, then take the links from that page to all my breeding queens and their kittens.    Incidentally, to complete the picture we also have in our family Monty a 7 year old Anerythristic Corn Snake.

If you have any further questions or require any further help or information, please contact me on eileenwelsh@totalise.co.uk or you can telephone me on 01670-733413.

Finally, all our kittens are sold with the benefit of Pet Plan Kitten Insurance and you can take this link to Pet Plan's own website to find the benefits involved in taking out Pet Insurance - if you need any convincing about the value of Pet Insurance, then take this link to Charlie's page to read the story of how much his owner appreciated her Pet Plan Policy, when he had a very serious road accident.  

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